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Are You Really Ready To End All Money Concerns 

...or just talking?


 You've Just Walked Into Your Own Personal Goldmine !  

 Imagine This: $128,000 Within 4 Months!

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$128, 880 Within The NEXT 4 MONTHS To Be Precise!

All You Need Is $88 & 4 People You Know Who Are READY To Kill It!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a $7 cost/$100,000 profit opportunity, & participants can earn the money figures quoted here, but NOT as fast as quoted here if everyone is only paying $7. The income projections stated here within the time spans given are based on participants paying a total of $88 at the outset or shortly thereafter instead of only $7.

Who do you know today who wouldn't invest $88 in themselves to change their life financially? Allow us to introduce the $7 Dollar Club. The $7 Dollar Club is a hot new networking income opportunity that's sweeping the internet.

A question for you: If you knew of a hot new opportunity to take just $88 and have it return more than $11,000 to you within 30 days could you find just 4 people who also wanted this deal?  

And what if you could take $908 of your earnings and enter Stage 2 where your cash return could be $117,380 in another 30 to 60 days as everyone from Stage 1 follows you into Stage 2?

Your total earnings through both stages would be $128,880 And this my newly found friend, can be accomplished within 90 days when everyone acts with a sense of urgency and refer just 4 people to an $88 / $100,000 opportunity within their first week! 

THAT'S NOT ALL! There's also a third stage with a smaller 3x4 matrix which everyone flows into and allows for a $60,000 monthly residual income.

Can You Imagine Seeing An EXTRA $5,000 or More In Your Bank Account Each Week?


 You don't really want to sit around with everyone else and complain about one thing after another like high gas and food prices do you? Wouldn't you prefer to rise above all of that by raising your income to such a high level that you literally laugh at high prices?

Wouldn't you just love it if you were driving down the street in your dream vehicle or living in your dream home ON A NICE PEACEFUL STREET with absolutely NO WORRIES OVER MONEY?

IT'S ALL ABOUT FOCUS! What Are You Focused On? If the people you're conversing with every day are not focused on how to get MORE you're conversing with the wrong crowd. Don't you think it's time to join someone who is focused on MORE?

Take Your Income From $ZERO$ To $HERO$ Within 4 Months!

MORE QUESTIONS: Are you really ready? Don't you think it's time to get your life back on track? YES! It's time to come out of the house and take your game to a higher level! 

How would you like to crawl out of your hole by having not 1, but 4 additional sources of income whereby each one could allow you to eliminate your need to work for anyone? 

You can begin this process by referring other like-minded people to a VERY LOW-COST product and receiving immediate commissions and monthly residuals on it.  Then how about NOT ONLY YOUR REFERRALS BUT PEOPLE REFERRED BY THE PEOPLE YOU REFER joining with you receiving commissions and residuals on their downloads.

As your network grows each week your new income could easily be at $10,000 or more pretty quickly! Like having your very own personal gold mine!

Go Ahead. Brush The Dust Off. Your Dream Lifestyle Is Close!

Would You Be Willing To Invest As Little As $7 In Yourself  For An Extra $1,000 - $10,000 per Month?

Do you have associates?  Your success could be as simple as sharing this website with a few of them!


 Introducing the 7 Dollar Club,  The Unbelievable, Low, Cost Game Changer! 

In our unique funnel, you'll sign up for each of the 4 opportunities and receive your promotional link to each opportunity. You'll next sign up for and receive your FREE page. There you'll place your links, and your prospects will go to your page and follow you into each opportunity. This is how you'll build your network and your income each day, week, and month with us.

Why 4 income streams? Because today with an unsteady and unpredictable job market no one should be trying to survive on just 1 or 2 income streams. No one knows if their jobs will be around in the next 2 months, and with high inflation and prices on everything steadily rising every day, everyone should have additional streams of income.

It can cost you as little as $1 to get started with just one of the opps or $12 to get started with the first 3 opportunities here and $24 monthly, and literally, have $$$Thousands$$$ returned to you each month when you build a small network of associates who are looking to drastically improve their financial status. 

 My Friend,  with all that's going on in the world today, the days of sitting on the sidelines and trying to figure out a way to get it for yourself are over. There's strength in numbers. United We Stand, while divided we're being torn apart.

Now, more than ever before, we must come together and network to survive and thrive in this economy. By coming together for a cause not only can we survive, but we can thrive as never before! 

The primary opportunity here is the New Age Money Systems cryptocurrency opportunity. In our inception participants could get started with New Age Money Systems for as little as $10, because the cost of Litecoin, our chosen cryptocurrency, was low enough to allow us to offer our program at prices that low. 

But because the cryptocurrency industry is so volatile, with the prices of crypto constantly fluctuating up and down, we needed an entry-level product with a constant, stable price. That entry-level product became 7 Dollar Club. While we're encouraging everyone who"s truly serious to start at the $88 level, participants can get started for as little as $7 and work their way up.  

Basically, what we have created is a funnel, where participants initially join by entering one opportunity at a low cost, and advancing to the next higher-priced opportunity after earning enough to enter via commissions earned from referrals to the previous opportunity. We have 4 opportunities in our funnel. This makes this opportunity a true NO-BRAINER. 

As participants earn money by way of referring others to the 7 Dollar Club they will earn enough to enter the New Age Money program not in Phase 1, but in the 3rd phase of the program, where they'll be much closer to earning some very substantial money, as their referrals follow them into the 3rd phase of New Age Money Systems.

Our 1st Game Changer - 7 DOLLAR CLUB!  
The 7 Dollar Club is a new worldwide money-making opportunity that's taking the UK by storm. It is a program that is designed to allow anyone to take $7 and literally end their money problems via a unique networking plan. This is a peer-to-peer payment program where all payments are done directly from member to member via Bitcoin, Cash App, Venmo, etc.
7 Dollar Club is fully computerized and automated. Therefore, participants don't have to worry about scams or a company failing or taking their money and running because it is a member-to-member payment program.

How Would You Feel If $90,000 Showed Up In Your Bank Account Within The Next 6 Months?

Here Is How You'll Make More Than $11,000 Within The Next 30 Days:

(& MUCH more each month afterward, without leaving your house!)

Today: Someone has made you aware of how great your life could be if only you would do this. So, you investigate this and like what you see.  You proceed by:

  1. Signing up for 7 Dollar Club at the $88 level by buying the $7, $17, $27, and $37 levels right away.
  2. Referring 4 people to this website and your 7 Dollar Club website, where they'll duplicate you and signup under you at the $88 level. 

Each of your 4 will send you $7, for a total to you of $28.00

In your 2nd week, you'll work with your 4 in getting their 4. The 4 that each of them gets will be 16 people on your 2nd level. Each of those 16 will send you $17 worth of Bitcoin, for a $68 profit.

Your 3rd week:  The 16 people on your 2nd level will recruit 4 each, for 64 new people on your 3rd level Each of these 64 will send you $27, thereby giving you $1,728 in Bitcoin.

In your 4th week:  The 64 people on your 3rd level will recruit 4 each, for 256 new people on your 4th level Each of these 256 will send you $37, thereby giving you $9,472 in Bitcoin.

The total you'll receive for all 4 levels in Stage 1 will be $11,500.00. As illustrated, if everyone can find just 4 people within their 1st week, your return will be $11,500 within 5 weeks!

Even if it takes everyone a whole month to find 4 people who're looking for this it is well worth it to sign up asap and get started!



There's a 2nd stage! Stage 2 is where your life change takes place. Both Stages 1 and 2 will consist of a 4x4 forced matrix, while Stage 3 is comprised of a 3x4 forced matrix which enables participants to see a $60,000 monthly residual income with fewer people participating. Participants from Stages 1 and 2 will flow into and fill the stage 3 matrix.

As Stage 2 illustrates above,  the cost to enter on level 1 is $77, as opposed to only $7 to enter in Stage 1.  The cost to enter all 4 levels in Stage 2 is $908, as opposed to $88 in Stage 1. After earning $11,000 in Stage 1 you definitely have the $908 it takes to enter all 4 levels in Stage 2, correct?

Now, the good news is that your return in Stage 2 is $117,380.00, as opposed to $11,500 in Stage 1. And the best part - the same people who joined you in Stage 1 will follow you into Stage 2, making it much easier (practically automatic) to fill your stage 2 matrix. 

JUST IMAGINE, $11,500 + $117,380 = $128,880.00  WITHIN THE NEXT 2-4 MONTHS!


The 3rd stage is a forced 3x4 matrix where your downline from Stages 1 and 2 follow you into stage 3


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Your time has come...

...because you only live once!



Whatever you do DON'T LET THIS PASS YOU BY! This is a $7 Opportunity! An opportunity to turn $7 into more than 10k, then $908 into more than 100k!
This is real, and people are making real money with this & you can too.
At the very least you owe it to yourself to invest $7 in yourself & do whatever it takes to make this work for you!