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(Daily Digital Club, New Age Money Systems, 7k Metals)

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MORE QUESTIONS: Are you stuck? Not knowing whether your job is gonna require you to get a shot? Are you sure you even want to get a shot? Are you tired of having to depend on one income source and being given an ultimatum as to whether you'll continue to have that income available to you? 

How would you like to rise up above all that by having 3 additional sources of income whereby each one could allow you to eliminate your need to work for anyone?

You can begin this process by referring other like-minded people to a $25 monthly product and receiving an immediate $25 commission and $25 monthly residual on each one.  Then how about NOT ONLY YOUR REFERRALS BUT PEOPLE REFERRED BY THE PEOPLE YOU REFER upgrading and buying your $100 monthly product with you receiving the full $100 commissions, paid instantly to you MONTHLY? As your network grows each week your new income could easily be at $5,000 or more pretty quickly!

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Do you have associates?  Your success could be as simple as sharing this website with a few of them!

Questions, Questions, Questions!

With things as they are today, how many people do you know who need/want more money? How many do you know who are searching for a way to stay above water in this sinking economy?

How many would love you to death for showing them a very simple & inexpensive way out?

In a time where people must work together to defeat the enemy of the day, there is no better way than networking together and growing our income.

Your DESIRE for A Better Life Can Completely Change Your Life!

How to create a new financial future within the next 3-4 months!

Would an EXTRA $50K within the next 3 months get you started? Your participation in our unique life enhancement/cryptocurrency venture can take you a long way to the finer things in life. If you are someone who is fed up with the way things are going in this country today, with the pandemic, loss of jobs, high inflation & gas prices, the whole political mess, and the uncertainty about where your next dollar might be coming from, and you're ready to bust loose, allow me to introduce to you something that can assist you in ending this nightmare.

An 8-Figure Dream Lifestyle Is Checking For YOU!

How,  you ask? Simple!  Sign up for the Daily Digital Club (DDC) program at the $25 level.  There are NO admin fees.  Buying the Daily Digital Club program at the $25  level qualifies you to receive immediate cash bonuses of up to the $25 level in the program.  Daily Digital Club's compensation program is built upon a Reverse 2-Up marketing structure. Daily Digital Club was created by Peter Wolfing, the founder of the highly successful Easy 1 Up program, National Wealth Center, and a few others.Next, proceed to refer as few as 5 people to this opportunity.  Everyone except your 2nd and 4th buyers will become your customers. As you know, anyone thinking about starting a business knows they need customers, and finding 5 customers for this low-cost opportunity today shouldn't be much of a problem when so many people are looking for alternative ways to make money.You'll receive your first $25 commission instantly after your first referral, paid directly to you. You'll lose your 2nd and 4th sales commissions and customers to your sponsor, and gain the 2nd and 4th commissions from everyone else you refer, to infinity.If each of your associates refers at least 4 people each,  you'll receive the 2nd and 4th sale from each associate., allowing you to earn another $25 in immediate commissions on each sale.Besides your 2nd and 4th referrals, you receive $25 to $100 MONTHLY commissions on everyone you refer, and $25 to $100 MONTHLY on the 2nd and 4th sales made by EVERYONE  you refer, to infinity as they upgrade from week to week. As you'll find money being deposited into your bank account or Cash App each day this could amount to a new weekly income to you of more than $1,000 with ease! And your out-of-pocket expense is only $25 monthly!This Is A $25 Opportunity - The Key To Massive Success Here Is Having A Sense of Urgency!Peter Wolfing - Daily Digital Club & Easy 1 Up Daily Digital Club's Income Potential VideoYOU CAN GET STARTED WITH DAILY DIGITAL CLUB FOR AS LITTLE AS $25 & build your team from there.How many people can you think of who needs this today? It's like paying $25 monthly for an EXTRA $5,000 to $10,000 or more each month!Here's How You'll Really Kill It:


You can EXPLODE your income by tens of thousands more by referring your associates to our unique crypto to cash program. Here you'll simply reward your Daily Digital Club sponsor by sending him/her 3 Litecoin of the cryptocurrency Litecoin to enter New Age Money Systems in Phase 3.

You do this by signing up for a cryptocurrency account with and funding your account with a 3.5 Litecoin purchase.  The people you sign up into Daily Digital Club will follow you into the cryptocurrency program by sending you 3 Litecoin to further grow their income.  This is an easy strategy that is being employed by thousands worldwide to capitalize in a substantial way on the cryptocurrency markets. This simple program can easily put more than 6 figures in your pockets within the next few months!   However, everyone starts by joining the Daily Digital Club. Please get back to whoever referred you to get started. This is True Networking - Without The Levels! The Amazing Income Potential:THIS IS NOT NETWORK MARKETING IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE!  THIS IS NOT MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING! THIS IS NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME!There is only 1 level in this program! Everyone that you refer to this will be your exclusive partner.  They will only send cryptocurrencies to you, but, they will send to you as many as 6 times, each time in higher dollar amounts, and each time thanking you for blessing them with this opportunity.Participants can easily change their lives in a huge way by referring just 5 people to this $25 opportunity who also refer 5.  There are NO limits on the number of people anyone can refer, but as you'll see, working with just 5 people can prosper anyone in a huge way.The people you refer will become your trading partners. You will trade with your sponsor, and your referrals will trade with you.Your time has come......because you only live once! Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies in 2009, the groundwork for a new digital age is being laid worldwide,  and our economies are being converted to a digital one-world system. Our currency (money) will be digital, and massive prosperity and abundance will be everywhere. The people who are aware have been quietly enriching themselves beyond measure.Cryptocurrencies are the future. Today there are more than 7,000 in existence worldwide.  When people catch on to the ways they are being traded, such as this one here, the need to trade time for wages will end, and there will be vast abundance and wealth everywhere, and everyone will all start to live as originally intended.Here is how you'll make more than 50k within the next 3 months and MUCH more each month afterward, without leaving your house!  Today: Someone has made you aware of how great your life could be if only you would do this. So, you investigate this and like what you see.  You proceed by:

  • Signing up into the Daily Digital Club at the $25 level.
  • Refer 5 people to this website and your Daily Digital Club website, where they'll signup under you at the $25level.
  • You'll next open up a Litecoin cryptocurrency account online at or
  • Next, to participate you'll fund your account by buying 3.5 Litecoin. The funding of your account will come from the commissions you'll have earned in the Daily Digital Club portion of the program.

At this point, all you have done is made an investment in yourself, an investment in something which will change your life forever, in a most positive way!You will be introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies, how you can end all your worries over money, and how you no longer have to worry about being scammed by someone pitching crypto opportunities.Today, the cost of 1 Litecoin is approx. $180.75. You'll see what this means for you further down on this page. Even if the price of Litecoin fell all the way to $25 per coin you would still earn some nice income in this program:  $25 x 1,400 coins each month equals $35,000 in extra income per month!Entry into the program requires an initial 3.5 Litecoin purchase requirement at or  This will move very fast because the cost of entry is so low & the potential return is so enormous!This Month: After you have earned enough in Daily Daily Digital Club commissions you contact the person who referred you and send them 3 Litecoin as a Thank You gift. At this point, you will be fully invested in New Age Money Systems at the Phase 3 level.  After your 5 Daily Digital Club members have advanced they each send you 3 Litecoin, giving you 15 Litecoin in your LTC wallet.NOTE: There are NO LIMITS on the number of people you can refer, but you only need 12 Litecoin to advance to Phase 4.Your 2nd Month:  You send your sponsor 12 Litecoin and enter Phase 4.Each of your 5 people signs up 5 people - giving each of them 5 people in their networks, and 15 Litecoin in their wallets.Each of the 5 people in your network is now sending you 12 Litecoin to enter Phase 4.You now have 60 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.Your 3rd Month: You send your sponsor 58 Litecoin and enter Phase 5.Each of your 5 partners has received their 60 Litecoin & enters Phase 5 by sending you 58 Litecoin.You Have 290 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.  Cash equivalent of $52,200. But you're here to grow your money, not here to take your money & run.  So, We'll put this $52,000 to work for us, right?Your 4th Month: You send your sponsor 280 Litecoin and enter Phase 6.    Each of your 5 partners has received their 290 Litecoin & enter Phase 6 by sending you 280 Litecoin.You Have 1,400 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet, received from your 5 partners.  The cash equivalent of $252,000.   1,400 Litecoin x $180.00 (the current cost of each Litecoin) is the equivalent of $252,000.00 in your wallet! You wouldn't be too upset if it took you 12 months to accumulate this kind of money, would you?Ian Cane, CEO of, suppliers of the Litecoin Card Debit cards.My friend, we have barely scratched the surface! (we haven't discussed Bitcoin yet) One of the most Phenomenal opportunities to emerge in years!  Don't You Need A Way To Protect Your Newly Acquired Wealth?There's no better way than with the precious metals Gold & Silver! This is our third opportunity, and in this program you'll join this one at either the $199 or $499 levels after initially joining the Daily Digital Club at the $25 level and earning the entry cost through your referrals of the Daily Digital Club and/or New Age Money Systems.In 7k Metals many, many people are at the 7k per week level after just a few weeks of being in the program. You can be one of those people. Click here for more info.REMEMBER, the quickest way for everyone to get started with this program and be successful through all 3 opportunities is by having everyone start at the very low affordable $25 level in the Daily Digital Club. So, please start here or get back to the person who referred you here to get started.To Get Started:  You'll refer others to your Daily Digital Club site initially to sign up under you. Next, you'll assist them in building their team and following you into the New Age Money Litecoin opportunity.When you have accumulated the necessary funds proceed to join New Age Money Systems at the Phase 3 level under your sponsor. If Litecoin were priced at $200 per coin the cost to enter New Age Money Systems in Phase 3 would be $600.00. So, you'll come in at whatever the current price for Litecoin is multiplied by 3. You'll signup from the above graphic.   The website you'll refer your associates to is almost identical to this one, except the graphic above links to us, the promoters of this program. The site you'll promote has no link to the Daily Digital Club program, so that you'll have to give your prospects your Daily Digital Club link for them to sign up under you.  When you give your prospects the new website link it prevents them from bypassing you and signing up under us.  or contact the person who referred you here to sign up under him. Tap or click above image to access full site.

Last But Not Least.... 7k Metals!