What You Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!

This unique little program is a secret. It is a secret to be shared amongst black men, in an attempt to bring us together for the purpose of unifying us and strengthening our economic status in this country. 

If you should decide to join us in this unique venture, we ask that you do your part to keep this document secret and confidential, and only share this site & passcode with a few people whom you feel would benefit in being a part of this. 

Black Man, Don't You Think It's Time? When Are We Gonna Step Up?

 Why are we just sitting around waiting for the robots and illegal immigrants to take our jobs? Trump said it himself, we (black people) built this country. Our ancestors built this country with their sweat equity through hard slave labor. They would turn over in their graves if they saw how we're basically lying down and allowing ourselves to be pawns in someone else's game, how we seem to be so content in settling for crumbs, while everyone else is prospering. 

United we can stand,  while divided we're falling, and yes, we're falling fast my brother.  There may be a few success stories in the black community, but overall the picture is bad. It's time to come together and save ourselves, save the black race.

The time is way overdue. We can do better than this. It's time for us to grow up, step up and take better care of ourselves, take care of our families.  It's time to be the breadwinners once again, and time to make our black women proud of us again.

War was declared on us a long time ago and we're being dissected from all directions, in all kinds of ways. It's time for us to stand up and stop looking to be accepted into someone else's economy & world. There's enough abundance here for us to prosper & peacefully co-exist among others.

When trying to mix and prosper in someone else's world some of us are allowed in but only for so long. We're not being allowed to establish ourselves and become stable before the rug is pulled from underneath us.  All kinds of traps are set for us and we, like blind mice, keep falling right into them.

Don't you have a little son or daughter that you want to take care of and make happy? Don't you want to do something for your mother and/or dad? If so there is a way out for us.

Perhaps the biggest problem in the black community is the lack of black businesses and lack of jobs. With this information, we can create the necessary funding to open businesses and create jobs for people in the community.

Bottom line, it's all about having money circulating in our lives. If no one wants to employ us and pay us a decent wage, that's okay. There are other ways to place ourselves in the midst of this economic flow and gain our pride and self-esteem besides being chosen to work for someone else.  

For some people having $25,000 to $50,000 a year circulating would be enough to live on, while for others an EXTRA $25,000 to $50,000 is what they're looking for. If you're someone who is looking for a way to put an end to all of your monetary concerns this program is perfect for you. 


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Okay, You've Been Hearing About Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies, & How Others Are Making Big Money.


On Feb. 14th of 2020 the price of 1 Litecoin was $82.75.

Because of the financial markets crashing behind the coronavirus tragedy the price of a Litecoin fell to $25.57.

As of this post, its price had climbed back to $46.22. (All-time high price $375.29 - 12/19/17)

The current price can be found below.

Litecoin (LTC)
49.95 USD (1.28%)
49.95 USD




$3.28 B USD


$1.63 B USD

Litecoin 1 Year Price Historical Chart Here 

Eventually, the price of Litecoin will climb back to $82 and beyond. Wouldn't you love to be on the receiving end of 3,150 of these coins each month when it does? 

Trading The Forex & Cryptocurrency Markets Is Pretty Popular Right Now!

However, Did you know that 95% of new traders blow their accounts & lose their money trying to learn how to trade & figure out strategies & charts like the one HERE?

   If There Was A Way For You to Turn Approximately

Into Some Major Life-changing Income You Would Want to Know About It, Wouldn't You?

  With No Need To Learn How To Trade!

The people who are making money in this world are not the people who are looking for ways to trade all of their time for it!

For some people having $25,000 to $50,000 a year circulating would be enough to live on, while for others an EXTRA $25,000 to $100,000 each month is what they're looking for. If you're someone who is looking for that EXTRA and a way to just put an end to all of your monetary concerns this program is perfect for you.

If you're looking at that special vehicle, that dream house, vacation money,  or just more money to provide that extra blanket of security, relax because today is your lucky day. The opportunity of a lifetime has come for you and it doesn't require a barrel of money or any special skills or knowledge.


Immigration and robotics are taking over the job market. The days of working at the factory are fading fast for people with no skills. Anyone who is still putting their dependence on a job for any length of time is setting themselves up for failure. People everywhere know that a job which pays low to mediocre wages is not going to cut it in today's and tomorrow's economy, with wages stagnating and prices for everything steadily rising.

This is why people, by the millions, are looking for other ways to get money circulating in their lives besides trying to depend on a job. This unique program illustrates just one of the many, many examples of what people are doing today to take back control of their lives.

With the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, entirely new ways of living are emerging for millions of people worldwide. New ways of banking and handling financial matters. New ways of earning money and supporting families, etc.

As promising as this new crypto-world is for helping people better their lives, still, a great deal of care must be exercised to protect one-self in the crypto space, as there is no crypto police. No one to help you recoup losses.

Just as you'd protect your bank account information and other vital info & documents it is very vital that you protect your crypto account info. Crypto thieves and scams are everywhere. It's very strange. In a time when mass abundance and wealth are everywhere and making money is as easy as ever, thievery and scams are also at an all-time high.

 Now Is The Time For A MONUMENTAL UPGRADE In Your Financial Status!!!

Every day trillions, (not billions) YES TRILLIONS, of dollars are circulating throughout our economy. On average, every day 1,700 people become millionaires in the United States. Yet despite those numbers, the financial health of most Americans is worse than ever.

This universe is one of total abundance, including an abundance of people. We're all connected. Instead of every man being for self, and trying to succeed on our own, all we need to do is connect and succeed together! All for one, and one for all, one man at a time. Instead of pulling each other down, it's time to pull each other up! 

If you thought that your better days were gone, and the best things in life had somehow eluded you, relax. It's not as bad as you may think. A new day is at hand! The Financial Rescue Squad is here. You reading this page at this time is proof that someone has thrown you a life-jacket. The Financial Rescue Squad consists of at least 9 people (your saviors), each of whom will come to your financial rescue by assisting you in rising to a higher level in your financial affairs.

In order to change our realities, we have to dream big and set big goals. If we don't and settle for small goals like a goal to earn an extra $500 to $5,000 each month our reality won't change. We'll still be living on the same level where we're at right now.

Today we're going to begin the process of creating a new reality by setting an outrageous goal to create an outrageous sum of money (like a $50,000 monthly income) and then find ourselves gloriously happy when we fail big in pursuit of that goal, but living in a new reality with a monthly income of say, $10,000 to $20,000 for trying. How happy would you be to fail so big?

Can you imagine how much better your life would be with an EXTRA $10,000 - $30,000 flowing through your hands every 30 days? Please stay with me. Don't dismiss the possibility just yet. The vast majority of people are having a hell of a time pulling in $25,000 in a whole year but stay with me, for this is highly possible. With the US government printing and pumping so much money into the economy every year the reality of a multi-trillion-dollar a day economy is fairly new, and it is now time to realize that we're living in a world of mass abundance, and begin to imagine a new reality and greater possibilities for ourselves.

What we have here is a unique marketing strategy for capitalizing on the massive success taking place in the cryptocurrency industry and in the lives of millions of people throughout the world. By the time you reach the end of this page, you will know that you don't need to know the intricate details of how something works in order to profit, or benefit from it in a large way.

Here we're going to show you how profitable our novel strategy can be for you when sharing it with just 3 people you know.


Utilizing A Team Concept To Build Wealth!

Instead of trying to learn to trade cryptocurrencies on your own and risking hundreds and thousands of dollars in the process, by using our unique team-building strategy, you can prosper in a way that you probably couldn't even imagine. You'll soon discover that this is by far, the easiest thing you've ever done to make money!

If you've ever been led to believe that somehow you were going to build a huge network of thousands of people under you whereby you were going to earn thousands of dollars each month from them, and you're thinking this is going to be the same thing relax, this is not that. This is networking, but that's where the similarities end.

With this unique project, you're going to have partners. There are NO Limits on the number of partners you may have, however, to be enormously successful with this you only need 10, and of those 10, you only need to recruit 3 when choosing to build your own 3x2 marketing network. 

When choosing to build your 3x2 referral network the 3 people you refer are going to provide to you the 9 people who will be most instrumental in helping you obtain your dream lifestyle when they each refer 3 people to you. In as few as 60 days 9 of your partners will buy the cryptocurrency Litecoin from you, not once, but 5 times. You have the ability to earn as much as 3,700 Litecoin or more than $140,000 within 90 days, and then at least that amount each month afterward via the trading of Litecoin with your 10 partners.  

You can start with a purchase of as little as 0.130 Litecoin. The cost of 0.130 Litecoin is approximately $10.  As you may or may not know, Litecoin is listed among the top 15 cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.

This project could very well be the start of something very large & earth-shattering in network marketing circles when it comes to making money, much like the Bitcoin, when it premiered with the blockchain technology 10 years ago.  When choosing the network marketing option, which participants will build and track on paper, participants can profit tremendously. By referring just 3 people to the project, one will be qualified to earn Litecoin from the people who will occupy their 2nd level.

After this period of 90 days, you are free to begin trading with your partners on a monthly basis, where you can begin sending your upline partner 350 Litecoin and receiving 350 Litecoin from each of your 9 trading partners on your 2nd level. That's 3,150 Litecoin every 30 days!  Instead of buying and trading Litecoin each month participants can elect to purchase and trade some of the higher-priced coins, like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin, (at the higher phases) for much higher (6-figures) monthly profits.

Today, with the cost of 1 Litecoin being where it is ($46.22 ) 3,150 Litecoin would yield a $145,000 profit every 30 days. (profit will fluctuate according to the price of LTC, which changes daily)


Perhaps The Best Part:

It Only Costs Approx. $10 to Participate, &

That $10 Can Turn Into Some Crazy Money Within Your First 6 Weeks!

Click Graphic Above  For Litecoin Price Calculator

There is NO company involved.

No one to cheat you or change anything!

No Learning Curve - No Need To Learn How To Trade Crypto!

All transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

All transactions/payments are instant, partner to partner!

Scams are NOT Possible With This!  It's Just You, Trading With Your Partners!


Your Life is About to Change!

Join with us and then commit to inviting 3 or more people. h

The minimum start is only 0.130 Litecoin, which is less than $10 USD.



WHEN YOU GET STARTED you'll sign up & receive your affiliate link.

You'll give your link to your associates for them to sign up under you.

Next, you'll need to open a cryptocurrency account.  Our chosen cryptocurrency exchange is Coinbase.

After that, you'll fund your account with a 0.130 (approx. $10 credit/debit card) purchase of Litecoin.  

The amount needed to fund your account is approximately $10 for 0.130 Litecoin.

In each of the 5 different phases, it only takes 9 sales, or donations to give you enough crypto to fund your way to the next phase, as 9 of your partners follow you and advance. After 9 sales on your 2nd level of each phase you'll upgrade to the next phase with another crypto purchase, the cost of which you'll deduct from your profits earned in the previous phase.

The value of Litecoin will be determined by the current market value of the Litecoin you're receiving. For example, 3,150 Litecoins valued at $50 per coin would equal $157,500

At each Phase, the Litecoin you're sending forth is deducted from the Litecoin you received in the previous Phase.


To enter the 1st Phase:

You'll send 0.120 Litecoin to your upline partner,

and receive 0.120 Litecoin from each of your 9 partners on your 2nd level,

for a total of 1.08 LTC received. 1.08 LTC @ $46.00 per LTC = $49.68

To enter the 2nd Phase:

You'll send 1 Litecoin to your upline partner,

and receive 1 Litecoin from each of the 9 partners on your 2nd level,

for a total of 9 LTC received. 9 LTC @ $46.00 per LTC = $414.00

To enter the 3rd Phase:

You'll send 8 Litecoin to your upline partner,

and receive 8 Litecoin from each of the 9 partners on your 2nd level,

for a total of 72 LTC received. 72 LTC @ $46.00 per LTC = $ 3,312.00

(For each one of your partners who enter the 3rd Phase you receive the equivalent of $368 in Litecoin Value)

To enter the 4th Phase:

You'll send 65 Litecoin to your upline partner,

and receive 65 Litecoin from each of the 9 partners on your 2nd level,

for a total of 585 LTC received. 585 LTC @ $46.00 per LTC = $26,910.00

(For each one of your partners who enter the 4th Phase you receive the equivalent of $2,990 in Litecoin Value)

To enter the 5th Phase:

You'll send 350 Litecoin to your upline partner,

and receive 350 Litecoin from each of the 9 partners on your 2nd level,

for a total of 3,150 LTC received. 3,150 LTC @ $46.00 per LTC = $144,900.00

(For each one of your partners who enter the 5th Phase you receive the equivalent of $16,100 in Litecoin Value)

Total Litecoin Value for All 5 Phases = $175,585.68

Basically, you'll cycle through all 5 Phases with no more money coming out of your pockets after your initial approximate $10 expenditure.

As Simple As You Referring 3 People Who Want More Money!

- They Refer 3 To Build Their Networks-

Giving You Your 9 - 2nd Level Buyers!

YES! You Can Do This!

Here you'll create your own eternal engine of prosperity!

You can earn as much as 3,150 Litecoin (about $175,000 USD) within 90 days and repeat the buying/trading process every 30 days with your 10 trading partners!

You Wouldn't Be Too Upset If You Fell Short & Only Earned an

EXTRA $10,000 TO $20,000 Every 30 Days, Would You?



This is NOT hard. Basically, all you have to do is set up your account on your computer or cell phone, refer 3 people & build a small network of associates. The hardest work you will do with this opportunity is setting up your account, & then maintaining a relationship with your trading partners so that everyone can profit enormously.

A $10 Decision Can Alter Your Life Dramatically. 

There's Nothing To Think About. JUST DO IT!

GET STARTED TODAY by clicking the graphics below

and contacting the person who referred you here!

*When you register, you will begin the process of sending 0.120 Litecoin to your 1 upline partner, and start receiving 0.120 Litecoin from your 9 - 2nd level partners, as you build your referral network and upgrade through the 5 phases.

With this project, 0.130 Litecoin can grow to as much as 3,150 Litecoin within 90 days.

For maximum success, commit to helping your downline understand how this opportunity works.

Look at this video below after you have reviewed this opportunity.

YES! A $10 Decision Can Take Your Income From $10 To More Than $100,000 Monthly Within The Next 8 Weeks! 

How To Take Your Income Well Beyond the Stratosphere!  

Today: You Act With A Sense of Urgency & Sign Up - Your Cost: $10

  Contact your referrer & send your upline trading partner 0.120 Litecoin.

This Week: You sign up 3 people on your 1st level to this $10 opportunity.

Your 2nd Week In:

Your 3 sign up 3 people - giving you 9 people on your 2nd level.

Each of the 9 people on your 2nd level is sending you 0.120 Litecoin.

You have 1.08 Litecoin in your wallet.

You enter Phase 2 by sending 1 Litecoin to your upline partner.

You have 0.08 Litecoin left in your wallet

Your 3rd Week:

Each of the 9 partners on your Phase 1 - 2nd level have received their Litecoin

& enter Phase 2 by sending you 1 Litecoin. 

You Have 9 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.

You enter Phase 3 by sending 8 Litecoin to your upline partner.

You have 1 Litecoin left in your wallet

Your 4th Week:

Each of the 9 partners on your Phase 2 - 2nd level have received their 9 Litecoin

& enter Phase 3 by sending you 8 Litecoin. 

You Have 72 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.

You enter Phase 4 by sending 65 Litecoin to your upline partner.

You now have 7 Litecoin left in your wallet

Your 5th Week In:

Each of the 9 partners on your Phase 3 - 2nd level have received their 72 Litecoin

& enter Phase 4 by sending you 65 Litecoin. 

You Have 585 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet. 

You enter Phase 5 by sending 350 Litecoin to your upline partner.

You now have 235 Litecoin left in your wallet

Your 6th Week In:

Each of the 9 partners on your Phase 4 - 2nd level have received their 585 Litecoin

& enter Phase 4 by sending you 350 Litecoin. 

You Have 3,150 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.

3,150 Litecoin x $46.00 is the equivalent of $144,900 in your wallet!

If the price of Litecoin climbed back to $82 per 3,150 Litecoin would be the equivalent of a $258,000 PER MONTH INCOME WHEN TRADING LITECOIN MONTHLY!

NOTE: Remember, it only costs $10 to do this.  A dog with a note tied to its tail could find 3 people who are willing to invest $10 for the opportunity to participate in something with such enormous earnings potential.



If you're ready to take full advantage of this opportunity and maximize your earnings potential we invite you to consider the Bitcoin Aspect.

In Your 6TH Week:

In the very same way you could afford & bought 0.130 Litecoin at the beginning in Phase 1 and sent it to your upline trading partner you'll now be able to afford & buy 7 Bitcoin and send them to your partner &

In Your 7TH Week:

each of your 9 partners will choose to send you 7 Bitcoin as they upgrade to the Bitcoin Aspect. 63 Bitcoin in your wallet. (approx. $630,0000 with Bitcoin being priced at $10,000 each.)

That's 63 Bitcoin x $10,000 = $ 630,000 for more than $630,000 potentially within 4 months from the Bitcoin Aspect alone!

& Then A Potential $630,000 EACH MONTH when each of your 9 partners chooses to trade 7 Bitcoin with you each month!

(Based on the price of Bitcoin being $10,000)



Your Financial World Just Opened Up In A Gigantic Way!

QUESTION: Are You Ready to See Some Major Money Flowing In Your Life Each Month?

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Why You Need To Jump on This Right Now:

Litecoin Price Predictions 2020,2021 & Beyond

Changelly on Litecoin

Bitcoin Vs. Litecoin - Which is Better Version of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Price Predictions

Whether Litecoin is Priced At $80 Per LTC or $30 Per This Program Is A Phenomenal Opportunity For Anyone, Novice or Pro!

(NOTE: The prices are changing every day. Act now while this is still affordable. Take a look at Bitcoin)

 The Video Below Has Very Good Information That You Most Definitely Should Hear. 

After it's over you can join their cryptocurrency investment club for $1,000 or join us here today for $10. You decide! 

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