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What You Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!

This unique little program is a secret. It is a secret to be shared amongst black men, in an attempt to bring us together for the purpose of unifying us and strengthening our economic status in this country. 

If you should decide to join us in this unique venture, we ask that you do your part to keep this document secret and confidential, and only share this site & passcode with a few people whom you feel would benefit in being a part of this. 

Black Man, Don't You Think It's Time? When Are We Gonna Step Up?

Why are we just sitting around waiting for the robots and illegal immigrants to take our jobs? Trump said it himself, we (black people) built this country. Our ancestors built this country with their sweat equity through hard slave labor. They would turn over in their graves if they saw how we're basically lying down and allowing ourselves to be pawns in someone else's game, how we seem to be so content in settling for crumbs, while everyone else is prospering. 

United we can stand,  while divided we're falling, and yes, we're falling fast my brother.  There may be a few success stories in the black community, but overall the picture is bad. It's time to come together and save ourselves, save the black race.

The time is way overdue. We can do better than this. It's time for us to grow up, step up and take better care of ourselves, take care of our families.  It's time to be the breadwinners once again, and time to make our black women proud of us again.

War was declared on us a long time ago and we're being dissected from all directions, in all kinds of ways. It's time for us to stand up and stop looking to be accepted into someone else's economy & world. There's enough abundance here for us to prosper & peacefully co-exist among others.

When trying to mix and prosper in someone else's world some of us are allowed in but only for so long. We're not being allowed to establish ourselves and become stable before the rug is pulled from underneath us.  All kinds of traps are set for us and we, like blind mice, keep falling right into them.

Don't you have a little son or daughter that you want to take care of and make happy? Don't you want to do something for your mother and/or dad? If so there is a way out for us.

Perhaps the biggest problem in the black community is the lack of black businesses and lack of jobs. With this information, we can create the necessary funding to open businesses and create jobs for people in the community.

Bottom line, it's all about having money circulating in our lives. If no one wants to employ us and pay us a decent wage, that's okay. There are other ways to place ourselves in the midst of this economic flow and gain our pride and self-esteem besides being chosen to work for someone else.  

For some people having $25,000 to $50,000 a year circulating would be enough to live on, while for others an EXTRA $25,000 to $50,000 is what they're looking for. If you're someone who is looking for a way to put an end to all of your monetary concerns this program is perfect for you. 

How Good Would You Feel Having A Business With Only 9 Customers Who Started With Just A $20 Purchase & Just 3 - 4 Months Later Each of Them Were HAPPILY Spending More Than $20,000 With You Each Month?

(Even If They Only Had $20 To Their Name To Start With)

Looking For A Way To Up-level Your Life Without Having To Get A Hundred People Involved?...

...Consider This Your Lucky Day! 

On Average, 1,700 New Millionaires Are Created Every Day In The United States Alone!

  Cryptocurrencies & The Blockchain Can Make You One!

Secret of The Big Dawgs!

It's Your Turn To Cash In!

Would you consider it a miracle if within the next 5 months you had more than 250k in your bank accounts & more than 100k coming in every month? What if you were living in a new home, driving a new car, and you were basically living your dream life? 

What do you need to live an EXTRAORDINARY life? It's certainly not a job, where you have to go and work for someone else 8 to 12 hours each day. Most assuredly it's having more money, and all the time you need to enjoy life to the fullest!

While the government has most of us right where they want us: dependent on them and waiting to see if they're going to send us another $1,400 check, millions of people worldwide are trading cryptocurrencies with each other and living very prosperous lives.

Can't you tell by now that with the government creating and pumping $6 trillion into the economy that there's massive, unlimited wealth and abundance in this universe? We only live once. Don't you think it's time you get your share?

At Last, Something Different, & Very, Very, VERY Profitable!!!

If you've ever wondered why so many people are living in nice homes, beautiful neighborhoods, and driving cars so nice that they not only speak to you but speak for you. While most people are struggling from day to day to put food on the table, the reason why some are so successful is that they network with each other & share their ways of growing their money.

This little program can easily put you and your associates in the top 2% of income earners in the world, starting with only roughly $20. The key component here is not the money, but the relationships you have and can form with others. You only need to have or cultivate a special relationship with 3 other people you know who want more out of life.

Who This Is Not For:

If you're struggling for money these days, like everyone else, but are opposed to talking to a few of your associates about a $20 opportunity to change their lives, and would rather spend the rest of your life slaving away for someone else and worrying about money, this is definitely NOT FOR YOU!

This is NOT FOR YOU if you somehow manage to glance at this and say 'it's too much to read,' or 'too many videos,' or 'too good to be true. When talking to each other most people are talking about how bad things are and how they want more money. With this opportunity, all you have to do is be signed up and ready to offer a solution.  This solution can easily change your life and the lives of the people you most care about.


The Road To Riches Leads To Bitcoin!

You want & need things, right? and you're still trying to pay for those things with old, tired fiat money, Right? I'm sure you've noticed how more increasingly difficult it is becoming to acquire the things you want with that old heavily inflated, weighted down fiat currency, right?

If you didn't know it by now, we're undergoing a major economic shift in the world, a worldwide switch to a one-world digital economy. A new kind of money, a new currency, cryptocurrencies, has arrived, and there's an easy way for you to get your share of this new money. And it doesn't require a whole lot to get those things you want and need.

A question for you: If you were told it's gonna cost you $300,000 to get that house or special car you've been dreaming of would you be more likely to say "oh, I'll never own that"? Now, if you were told it's gonna cost you 5 Bitcoin to own that same house or car would you be more likely to say, "oh really,  Is that all? Let me get my 5 Bitcoin together!"  Can't you happily imagine coming up with 5 of something quicker than struggling to imagine coming up with 300,000 of something?

If you have been paying any attention to the financial world you're familiar with cryptocurrencies & how Bitcoin came into existence 10 years ago. At the time you could buy 1 bitcoin for less than a penny. It was so cheap that it required 10,000 bitcoins to pay for 2 pizzas.

Now today 1 bitcoin costs more than $60,000. WOW! for just 1 electronic piece of digital data called a Bitcoin. If you're the owner of 10,000 Bitcoin today you're also the very rich owner of more than $600 million dollars. Nice, huh? Even with Bitcoin being as expensive as it is today, there is a very easy way to acquire them. 

1 Bitcoin Will Get You: A Good New or Pre-owned $60,000 Vehicle!

1 Bitcoin will get you: A $60,000 Home Renovation!

New concrete driveway, new 2-car garage with concrete floor, basement waterproofed, new basement flooring, new windows, room additions, new fencing, new patio, etc. etc.

2 Bitcoin will get you: A Brand New $120,000 Vehicle!

5 Bitcoin will get you:  A $300,000 House!


4 Bitcoin will put you in the driver's/owner's seat of one of the worlds finest automobiles:

All-New 2020 Bentley Flying Spur - NOT $240,000 Dollars - 4 Bitcoin! YES! 4 Bitcoin!

8 Bitcoin Will Get You:  An Architects $480,000 Personal Hideaway!

What 34 bitcoin Will Get You: A $2 Million Luxurious Contemporary Estate!


BUT WAIT... sending 1.5 Bitcoin to 1 partner & receiving 1.5 from 9 Partners Each Month Will Get You: 

A $800k Plus Return & A Brand New Lifestyle!


(*based on each Bitcoin being priced at $60,000 or higher)


The Question Now Becomes: "How Do I Get My Hands On Some Bitcoin?"

With the world economy being as it currently is, (coronavirus pandemic) now it is more vital than ever for people to come together and network with each other in order to rebuild our lives, and by utilizing a unique team-building concept and working with your own 10 person trading team you can earn 13 Bitcoin in about 4 to 6 months, and this is with each team member spending only approximately $20 to get involved with this.  All of your trading partners, with the exception of the first one, who will be your assigned sponsor, will be sending you crypto.  You will send crypto to your assigned sponsor.  

With the New Age Money Systems program, you open a cryptocurrency trading account, fund it with approximately $20,  buy a small amount (0.045) of the crypto Litecoin, and then trade it with your trade partners.  Nine (9) trading partners sending you crypto is all you need here to catapult yourself into a whole new lifestyle. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a company. This is simply the world's most basic trading strategy. The people and entities you're interacting with here are your partners,  the crypto exchanges. (the holders of the cryptocurrencies) & various other companies.

If each participant can refer just 3 people to this strategy who can grasp the enormous opportunity here and are willing to invest just $20 in themselves within their first week, after about six weeks in our program participants should have earned more than $200,000 merely by systematically trading Litecoin with their 10 partners.  (Based on current Litecoin prices)

After achieving the above participants can continue to trade Litecoin with their partners each month for a very substantial monthly income, or they can upgrade to the Bitcoin aspect of the program and buy Bitcoin with their profits.  Here you'll continue to trade with your partners as they upgrade. You'll send 1.5 Bitcoin to your upline trading partner, and receive 1.5 Bitcoin from 9 of your partners, for 13.5 Bitcoin in your wallet. (approx. $810,0000 with Bitcoin being priced at$60,000 each.)

From this point forward you are free to buy & trade Bitcoin and other cryptos with your partners each month for what is sure to be the beginning of a very prosperous new life in the new digital economy.

At any time you will be able to convert your cryptocurrencies to cash or deposit them and borrow against them to fund your high-ticket purchases, like home & vehicle purchases. No credit required. 

Suddenly, Everything Becomes Affordable When Paying For It With Bitcoin!

'Mighty Ducks' Actor Brock Pierce Buys $1.2 Million Dollar Home With Bitcoin + NFL's Richard Sherman Big on Crypto!


Seattle Man Buys Home With Bitcoin, ends up with an EXTRA $1.3 Million dollars!

A world of possibilities opens up when getting involved with Bitcoin!

Money Is No Longer An Obstacle When Acquiring The Things You Want!

Human Capital (your connection to others) Is All You Need!


Question: If there was a way for you to receive as many as 13 Bitcoin within the next 4-6 months & then 13 each month afterward you would want to know about it, wouldn't you? 

Your success here can be as simple as setting up your account & sharing this with 3 of your associates!


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