Exclusive, Private Bitcoin Investment Club Forming

Only 10 Members! ----- Only 10 Spots!

$55 Initial Investment - $2,500 Monthly Return After 4 Weeks!

No Sponsoring or Referring Others Required!

After spending countless months in putting together the program shown on this website I've finally come to the conclusion that there is a far easier way to make some decent money.

We are happy to announce the formation of a new, private 10 member Bitcoin Investment club. This is a unique venture where we're investing in the Foreign Exchange market (Forex) by trading the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

First Trade of the day

Second Trade of the day

Third Trade of the day

The charts above show the daily profits on each of three (3) trades for one recent day. Company-wide these kinds of trades are made every day, and this is an example of how the high profits are able to be paid to club members. 

How It Works:

Each week Club New Money is investing $5,000 with a major Forex/Cryptocurrency Trading brokerage. We are just one of many clubs and private citizens who are pooling their money with this firm, who trades on their behalf.

They place 3 trades a day, 5 days a week. Our $5,000 investment is traded and multiplied 5 days a week, allowing us to reap a substantial weekly return.

In Club New Money there will be 10 shares.  Each participant can buy 1 share at $55.00

We will begin our 1st week of trading as soon as we have 10 members. At the end of four (4) weeks of trading, each member's return will be $2,500.00

There is a monthly cost to get this $2,500 monthly return, however, participants don't have to worry about trying to make a monthly payment, as the cost, $500., will be deducted from your commissions


2nd Week:  The cost for each share is $100.00 The Return per share after 5 days is $800.00

3rd Week and each week afterward: The cost for each share is $500.00.  The return per share after each 5 days is  $2,500 per share.

So, within a period of 4 weeks, each participant's weekly income can be at $2,500 per share they own in the club.


You can eliminate making weekly payments by simply choosing to leave the $100 and $500 weekly costs in your account to cover the costs of your next purchase. These payments will be deducted from your weekly disbursements.

Our investments are made with a top Forex trading house which returns substantial capital to its investors each week. After monitoring them for the past few months and seeing what others are doing as far as forming investment clubs we decided to form one and help others in creating an income source for their families in these troubling economic times.


Payment Options: 1.) PayPal - Address: 1realdavis@gmail.com   2.) CashApp - Address: $4real247

Secure your spot in the club by making a $55 purchase for each share you're purchasing. If you're buying 2 shares please call 440-494-4657 to see if 2 shares are available.

How To Get Started: 

We are paid each week in Bitcoin, and that is how we'll have to pay our members.  So, you'll have to open a cryptocurrency account to receive your payments.  

  1. Sign up for the club HERE.
  2. Open up a Cryptocurrency account at Coinbase.com a leading cryptocurrency exchange. 

After your account is open you'll need to send us your Coinbase Bitcoin Receive address. We'll send your weekly payments in Bitcoin to this address.  You'll open your Portfolio In Coinbase and sell your Bitcoin for cash (USD). The amount you choose to sell is converted to cash.

How To Get Your Cash Out of Coinbase:

You click on Portfolio. Your assets will show. Next, you click on US Dollar. Then click on Withdraw. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. 

Scroll down. Click Continue. Select your destination. This can be your bank account, a debit card (instant) or PayPal account. (instant)

If you want to re-invest each week notify us and we'll retain at first $100 of your commission to cover your next week's payment, then the following week and each week afterward we'll retain $500 each week to cover each subsequent week's re-investment payment. 

This way you won't have to do anything.  All you'll see is that each week you're getting $2,000 in Bitcoin loaded into your Coinbase account.     

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