What You Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!


This unique little program is a secret. It is a secret to be shared amongst black men, in an attempt to bring us together for the purpose of unifying us and strengthening our economic status in this country. 

If you should decide to join us in this unique venture, we ask that you do your part to keep this document secret and confidential, and only share this site & passcode with a few people whom you feel would benefit in being a part of this. 

Black Man, Don't You Think It's Time? When Are We Gonna Step Up?

 Why are we just sitting around waiting for the robots and illegal immigrants to take our jobs? Trump said it himself, we (black people) built this country. Our ancestors built this country with their sweat equity through hard slave labor. They would turn over in their graves if they saw how we're basically lying down and allowing ourselves to be pawns in someone else's game, how we seem to be so content in settling for crumbs, while everyone else is prospering. 

United we can stand,  while divided we're falling, and yes, we're falling fast my brother.  There may be a few success stories in the black community, but overall the picture is bad. It's time to come together and save ourselves, save the black race.

The time is way overdue. We can do better than this. It's time for us to grow up, step up and take better care of ourselves, take care of our families.  It's time to be the breadwinners once again, and time to make our black women proud of us again.

War was declared on us a long time ago and we're being dissected from all directions, in all kinds of ways. It's time for us to stand up and stop looking to be accepted into someone else's economy & world. There's enough abundance here for us to prosper & peacefully co-exist among others.

When trying to mix and prosper in someone else's world some of us are allowed in but only for so long. We're not being allowed to establish ourselves and become stable before the rug is pulled from underneath us.  All kinds of traps are set for us and we, like blind mice, keep falling right into them.

Don't you have a little son or daughter that you want to take care of and make happy? Don't you want to do something for your mother and/or dad? If so there is a way out for us.

Perhaps the biggest problem in the black community is the lack of black businesses and lack of jobs. With this information, we can create the necessary funding to open businesses and create jobs for people in the community.

Bottom line, it's all about having money circulating in our lives. If no one wants to employ us and pay us a decent wage, that's okay. There are other ways to place ourselves in the midst of this economic flow and gain our pride and self-esteem besides being chosen to work for someone else.  

For some people having $25,000 to $50,000 a year circulating would be enough to live on, while for others an EXTRA $25,000 to $50,000 is what they're looking for. If you're someone who is looking for a way to put an end to all of your monetary concerns this program is perfect for you. 



Immigration and robotics are taking over the job market. The days of working at the factory are fading fast for people with no skills. Anyone who is still putting their dependence on a job for any length of time is setting themselves up for failure. People everywhere know that a job which pays low to mediocre wages is not going to cut it in today's and tomorrow's economy, with wages stagnating and prices for everything steadily rising.

This is why people, by the millions, are looking for other ways to get money circulating in their lives besides trying to depend on a job. This unique strategy is just one of the many, many examples of what people are doing today to take back control of their lives.



You do know that we live in a universe that is filled with abundance. Everything that we want and need is here for us at any time. Whether it is Money, Wealth, Riches, Peace, Joy, Friendship, Love, Good Health, The Perfect Job... Everything is ours.... ...Right Here, Right Now! 

To have everything wonderful and good in our lives, all that we have to do is be still and know who we are (meditate), and truly NOT want it, but realize that we already have it, because we are it. At our core we are EVERYTHING, and we have everything because we are the energy of ALL THAT IS.  Energetic beings we are.  How can we need or want what we already are? How can we need or want what we already have? We pull things into our lives by focusing on them, whether good or bad. I AM THAT! What comes after THAT is made manifest in our lives. What we focus on, we create.

It can be as simple as becoming aware of what we think we need and want, then "asking" for it. We ask by focusing. By focusing on what we want, we will have it!  It becomes us. Our focus today is on creating more money. "We become what we think about."


Every day trillions, (not billions) YES TRILLIONS, of dollars are circulating throughout our economy. On average, every day 1,700 people become millionaires in the United States. Yet despite those numbers, the financial health of black Americans is worse than ever. Nearly every other race of people living in the United States is living better than black people.

This universe is one of total abundance, including an abundance of people. We're all connected. Instead of every man being for self, and trying to succeed on our own, all we need to do is connect and succeed together! All for one, and one for all, one man at a time. Instead of pulling each other down, it's time to pull each other up! 

It seems as though money is circulating through everyone's hands except the black man's. Maybe everyone else knows how to circulate their money amongst each other first. Black men, as the heads of our families, we're supposed to be able to create ways to work together and take care of our families and communities for the good of all, while living in the midst of all this abundance.

How much longer will you wait? Can't you tell by now that no one is coming to save you? You're on your own. If you lost your job today no one is going to pay your rent so that you can keep your home. No one is going to pay your car note, or give you money for food, or pay your bills.  If you can find another job which will allow you to continue living at your current, or better level you'd be lucky in today's economy.


 Now Is The Time For A  Major, Major  Improvement In Your Financial Status!!!


If you thought that your better days were gone, and the best things in life had somehow eluded you, relax. It's not as bad as you may think. A new day is at hand! The Rescue Squad is here.  You reading this page at this time is proof that someone has thrown you a life-jacket. The Rescue Squad consists of at least 14 people (your saviors), each of whom will come to your financial rescue by frequenting your online store each month to assist you in your financial livelihood.

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In order to change our realities, we have to dream big and set big goals. If we don't and settle for small goals like a goal to earn an extra $500 to $5,000 each month our reality won't change. We'll still be living on the same level where we're at right now.

Today we're going to begin the process of creating a new reality by setting an outrageous goal to create an outrageous sum of money (like a $50,000 monthly income) and then find ourselves gloriously happy when we fail big in pursuit of that goal, but living in a new reality with a monthly income of say, $10,000 to $25,000 for trying. How happy would you be to fail so big?

Can you imagine how much better your life would be with an EXTRA $25,000 or $50,000 flowing through your hands two to three times a year, maybe even every 30 days? Please stay with me. Don't dismiss the possibility just yet.  I know the vast majority of black people are having a hell of a time pulling in $25,000 in a whole year but stay with me, for this is highly possible. With the US government printing and pumping so much money into the economy every year the reality of a multi-trillion-dollar a day economy is fairly new, and it is now time to imagine a new reality and greater possibilities for ourselves.

What we have here is a unique marketing strategy for capitalizing on the success of two (2) well-established internet marketing programs: Easy1Up, and the highly successful Prosperity Nexus Group program. Both of these programs have been around for about 5 years, and we're utilizing them as tools in our quest for obtaining financial independence.  Here we're going to show you how profitable our novel strategy can be for you when sharing it with just 5 people you know.



Under the Easy1Up marketing plan, you will recover your $25 entry fee (break-even) with your first referral, and lose the 2nd person you refer to your sponsor, and the people that you refer will lose the 2nd person they refer to you, thus multiplying the number of people who will be buying from you each month.  

So, if you have 4 people after losing your 2nd one, you'll have 8 after you gain the 2nd person from each of your 4. In Prosperity Nexus you will lose your first customer who follows you into that program to your sponsor, (leaving you with 7 customers) and you will gain the first customer from everyone that you sponsor into Prosperity Nexus. 

 When you gain the 1st customer from each of your 7 customers you will then have 14 customers.  My friend, 14 people making $3,500., $6,500., $12,500., and $22,000 purchases from you each month is all you need for massive success here!

Because of the high-income potential and the assistance you may need to give to your associates we encourage associates to start with no more than 5 customers.   

If you've ever participated in Network marketing or even traditional sales programs I know you quickly grew tired of always having to sell and find new people to sell your products to. You won't have that problem here because with this program you'll have the same 14 customers each month.

 Trust me, this is by far the quickest and easiest way to put an end to your need for money There will be so much coming at you that you won't know what to do with it. A very nice problem to have!

With this strategy, you will have a job. It may very well be the last job you'll ever have. If you should decide to participate your job will be to help your customers in finding their five (5)  people. He might just find them on his own, but to ensure your success your duty is to help make sure that he has his 5 people.  

You are blessed by your participation in this unique program and silently spreading this most valuable information with a few of your associates. (YES, there can be EXTREME value in information.

There are no limits on how many customers you can have, but with the income potential being so high we're using an example of where everyone refers only 5 customers
As you'll see this starts slow, in the first few months the profits are very small.

These are the months where you're building your foundation and getting your momentum started, and in the later months, you'll see how your income explodes.


How To Take Your Income Well Beyond the Stratosphere Within The Next 6 Months!

(With Only 5 Customers Who Start With A $25 Purchase From You)


Your First 30 Days -

Sign Up For Your FREE Site - Buy Your Initial Inventory

After signing up for your site, you're in business. The next step for you is to buy your beginning inventory. With this strategy we'll use the $25 product as an example. Next, you'll pay the $5 license fee, which gives you the right to resell the $25 product & earn 100% commissions.

So that you can be paid immediately - Funds Deposited to Your Bank Account!
You'll need a merchant and/or bank account for your Easy 1Up & PNG programs.

With your purchase you receive your own personalized Easy 1Up affiliate website for you to market and collect 100% commissions on.

Your Easy 1Up Affiliate website is where your prospects will sign up and buy directly from you. You'll maintain a close networking relationship with them as they will become your customers and push you through to the higher levels as they continue to buy from you at each new level.

In Order To Capitalize On This MASSIVELY Within 6 to 9 Months, You'll Need To Get Your 5 Customers Within Your first 30 Days!

(and encourage your customers/associates to do the same)



With your Easy 1 Up affiliate site, you're in business for yourself, with the money from all sales being paid directly to you, 100%. Easy 1Up uses a Reverse 1 Up marketing plan, so in Easy 1 Up you'll lose your 2nd sale (referral) to your sponsor, but you'll gain the 2nd sale/person from everyone you refer.

Your remaining 4 customers will buy the $25 Easy 1Up package directly from you,

allowing you to earn $100 in commissions.

We start at the $25 level so this opportunity will be affordable to everyone.


Your 2nd Month In:

Your 4 customers are making sales for their respective stores.
You receive 2nd customer from each & earn $25 on each for $100 in earnings.
You now have 8 customers/associates
You'll upgrade by buying the Easy 1Up $100 package from your sponsor

Your 3rd Month In:

Your 8 customers upgrade by buying the $100 package from you.
You earn $800 in commissions
You upgrade to $500 Level

(At this point you might think that you're not doing very much. However, if things keep going the way they have so far, in another 4 months your income will be well over $200,000.)


Your 4th Month In:

Your 8 customers upgrade by buying the $500 package from you
You earn $4,000 in commissions
You upgrade to $2,000 Level

Your 5th Month In:

Your 8 customers upgrade by buying the $2,000 package from you.
You earn $16,000 in commissions

You Join Prosperity Nexus Group at the $3,500 Level!


Your 6th Month In:

Your 8 customers Join Prosperity Nexus Group (PNG) at the $3,500 level.
Prosperity Nexus Group uses a 1 Up marketing plan, so you'll lose your 1st customer/referral
to your sponsor to qualify you to earn commissions in the PNG program, leaving you with 7 original customers, and you'll gain the 1st customer/referral from each person you sponsor, giving you 7 new customers, and a total of 14 customers.

You Earn $24,500 in commissions on your 7 original customers purchases

You upgrade in the PNG program by buying the $6,500 package from your sponsor.

7th Month In:
Your 7 customers upgrade in the PNG program by buying your $6,500 package
plus you receive the 1st associate from each of your 7 associates to qualify them
to earn commissions in the 8FDL program. You now have 14 associates (customers)
You earn $45,500 on your 7 original customers & $24,500 on your 7 new associates who are just now buying their way into the PNG program at the $2,000 level.
- $70,000 Total Earnings

You upgrade to the $12,500 level by buying the $12,500 package

Your 8th Month In:

Your 7 original customers upgrade by buying your $12,500 package
You earn $87,500 on their purchases
Your 7 new customers upgrade by buying your $6,500 package
You earn $45,500 on their purchase - $133,000 Total
You upgrade to the $22,000 level by buying the $22,000 package


Your 9th Month In:

Your 7 original customers upgrade by buying your $22,000 Package
You earn $154,000 on their purchases
Your 7 new customers upgrade by buying your $12,500 package
You earn $87,500 on their purchases -

$241,500 Total Earnings


Your 10th Month In:

Your 7 new customers upgrade by buying your $22,000 package
You earn $154,000 on their purchases!
My Friend, within a period of just 10 months...

You Have Earned Over $600,000!!!



It's Nice to Know Where You Want to Go, It's Even Better When You Have A Roadmap!


Note: The above example is only that. It is an example of the income which can be earned. There are no income guarantees. It is NOT guaranteed that anyone will earn or receive a certain amount of money. All income is based on each participant's individual efforts and the efforts of the people he/she refer.



As you can see, this is a very easy way to have some MAJOR EXTRA $$CASH$$ pouring into your life each month!
Now you're beginning to see how this country is turning out roughly 1,700 new millionaires each year. People everywhere are doing this and enriching themselves in quiet ways, while most black people are too afraid to risk $25 & would rather trade all of their valuable time for peanuts & popcorn!

If you're someone who is tired of being shut out of this country's vast multi-trillion dollar a day economy and watching other people have massive success and live the good life, while the best things in life are passing you by this little program will go a long way in helping you get back in the game.  If people have counted you out, labeled you a failure, walking past you like you ain't shhh, and you want to prove that living well is the best revenge, then this is for you.


The Crazy Thing About This Opportunity Is:

The people who will be making a $25 purchase with you to get started will soon be making additional purchases of $100 and $500 - and then $2,000 - $3,500 - $6,500 - $12,500 & $22,000  purchases from you during the next few months as their income levels rise and they upgrade to the higher levels.






Don't Sleep on This. Contact The Person (Your Sponsor) Who Made You Aware of This To Sign Up with him in:  

 Don't You Want to Mark 2020 As The Start of A New Beginning For YOU?


Your Beliefs Creates Your Reality!

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---Everyone Wants to Be Right in Their Assumptions & Opinions... Right?

If you think you can you're right, if you think you can't you're right. Either way, you get to be right. Wouldn't you love to be right about something which puts more money in your pocket? 

If you think you have enough the universe will find a way to make sure that is true. If you don't think you have enough, it will make sure you don't think you have enough, even when you really do!

If you have the belief that you, we, (black people) missed out on the best things in life, then the best things in life will forever elude you!  

If you'd be still and calmly dwell every day on the thought "I have 14 people who are each happily spending $THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS$ with me every month" the universe will see to it that these 14 people are happily sent to you!

All Things Are Possible to Him Who Believeth!

According To Your Belief, It Is Done Unto You!

As A Man Thinketh, So Is He!

Remember, we create our own realities. How would you like to create a new prosperity filled reality?



If you thought to have this kind of money circulating in your life was out of reach for you, think again because it's not. Remember, on average more than 1,700 people become MILLIONAIRES in this country every day! You don't need a college degree, or take up a trade to do this. You merely need to be willing to talk to a few people about something they already want: more money!    


--I recall when I was a kid when men would belong to certain networks, just like this one, where they would join together and support each other financially. I would see my uncle and his associates quietly passing small envelopes of cash. They were circulating their money amongst each other before spending it outside of their communities. This was the way certain men came together and provided support for their families.  For my uncle and his network, this lasted 12 years, during a time of no computers. This is still done today in some immigrant communities which come to this country.  They don't worry about trying to find jobs. 

The biggest reason why we, as black men, are so poor is that we are not connected to each other spiritually, and thus refuse to work together and support each other in our endeavors. 

A Much Lower Crime Rate!

In Communities where the money is circulating the crime rate is much lower than in impoverished communities because there is a current flowing through the community. This current is money, and money is energy. This currency (money) flowing through the hood creates feelings of oneness, togetherness, and brotherhood (love), and not feelings of desperation and the need to rob, steal and kill each other.

When a man has money flowing in his life his energy and focus is on what he can buy, and not who he can rob. This energy produces great feelings and the desire to do good things.

Bottom line: We're living in an age where money should be the least of our concerns, but for some unknown mysterious reason, it is the absolute hardest thing to obtain.  It's everywhere, but for us, it's like it's hiding in plain sight.

As this program illustrates, If black men could just come together for a common cause this would not be a problem at all. This is not a problem for any other race of people. Why does it have to be a problem for black men?


Are You Ready to Massively Explode Your Income by Thousands Each Month Within the Next 6 to 9 Months?


Just think, within the next 6 months you could have 14 people, each GLADLY spending $$THOUSANDS$  OF DOLLARS with you each month, even if they were down to their last $25 today!







(You Wouldn't Be Upset if It Took 24 Months to Reach This Point, Would You?)

  Now the only obstacle standing between you and some SERIOUS extra $CASH$ each week is five people who are more than willing to spend $30 on themselves to immediately upscale their lives. This becomes your challenge. In today's economy, you can find these five people everywhere.





Remember, we're living in an age where trillions of dollars are moving through our economy each day, with decent houses costing $200,000 and more, and decent cars now costing $50,000 and up. It's almost impossible to live decently today on 1960's wages!




This is the kind of opportunity you take advantage of, & then figure out how to make it work, with determination to make it work!


-What Do You Have To Lose?


Even if it takes you 12 whole months to receive your first $50,000 with this, you'll have received $50,000 more than you did during the past 12 months, & wouldn't it still be the wisest $25 you ever spent?


Denzel Washington: Fail Big - Dream Big!

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With This Strategy You Can Fail Big & Still Come Out Thousands Ahead! 


Success in Life is 80% Mental and 20% Physical!

In spite of what you may hear, if success was based on hard work, gravediggers would be rich, wouldn't they? Yes, hard work will be required, but it will be mental hard work, not physical hard labor. That mental hard work will come in the form of getting yourself to relax, meditate, and come to the realization that all your needs are already met.  When this realization is deeply implanted in your subconscious you'll begin to see all of life coming to you with ease and joy.

 Imagination is the key. Just imagine how good you're going to feel when in 6 months from today you realize that you're pulling in thousands of EXTRA dollars each month, & it's all because of actions you decided to take today. 

Be still, and know, as if you really do!

Can you imagine how good it would feel to be able to move about in this world knowing that you have a solid,  long-lasting financial foundation under you, a support network that allows you to not worry over financial matters anymore,  and the need to earn a living? 

Imagine shopping at COSTCO's or wherever you want every week & not having to worry over high prices & being able to literally stock up as you please, buying a better home & car, and not worrying over bills each month. All this and more is made possible because you took $50 and used it to finance a new lifestyle where everything you now buy is being paid for with the money you're receiving through this program.

This can all be yours just by sharing this wonderful blessing with a few associates whom you want to take along with you into this new lifestyle!

This new-found way of living will be your secret, shared exclusively with the members of your network, and people of like minds. Wealth should not be so concentrated in the hands of a few. It is everywhere. It is for all of us. 

As much as wealth is everywhere, and more than enough for all of us, this is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Some people will not like this. Don't be surprised if some find something wrong with it.  More than likely, those will be the ones who have been brain-washed into trying to do things the good-ole American way, not taking into account that the "American way" is rigged against them and designed to keep them down and enslaved to a Just Over Broke.


Most people in life are caught in The JOB TRAP. The system has everyone thinking they NEED a JOB to survive in this world, and thus, most of us are spending our entire lives looking for a job and working a job, and for most people it's a vicious cycle, constantly trying to find a job, and trying to  keep a job, and then they're totally defeated when no one will GIVE them a job. The truth of the matter is this system, however, it's constructed, has us all programmed to think that we NEED MONEY, and have to get a job to get it, when in reality none of us were born to have to work for others in order to EARN a living and survive. 

The architect of the universe did not design it for you to trade all your TIME for money. There are many ways in which money can come to you besides trading your time and labor for it. 

While some people will cringe when confronted with this and look to avoid you afterward all because it requires them to trade some of their money for even more money or they're afraid of the change it will bring to their lives,  (being afraid of the time freedom they'll gain to enjoy life) there are many who are looking for this and have been waiting years and decades for this. Those are the ones who are ready to make a change and see things change.



It's Not Too Late!


& For Your Family & Loved Ones, A Whole New Way of Looking Out!



Who among us has so little faith in himself that he dare believe he could not find just 5 people who would be willing to invest $25 in themselves? 


You Are The Creator

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The Strangest Secret - A True Classical Recording!

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Whatever you do, DON'T Let This Opportunity Get Away From You! This program is not & will not be advertised. IT IS A SECRET! It is the secret to a lot of people's financial blessings. It is their invisible means of supply, and could be yours as well. The person who shared this with you only needs 5 people and may not need to approach you again.


To Get Started Get Back to The Person Who Referred You Here.


  Contact The Person (Your Sponsor) Who Made You Aware of This To Sign Up with him in:  

To Achieve MASSIVE success with this all you need to do is share this web page with a few of your associates and get back to them a couple of days later.  


Note: The passcode to access this page changes quite often. If it should happen to change before you sign up you'll be locked out and won't be able to access this page again. So, to be kept abreast of the passcode, and to be able to refer your prospects to this program sign up below and be sure to include your cell phone number. That is how all participants will receive passcode updates. THE PASSCODE IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR CONFIRMATION CODE.


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This Program Is Just One Example of Why More Than 1,700 People Are Becoming Millionaires Each Year In This Country!!!


It's Time to Come Up Black Man!


Byron Allen Speaks