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Today: Someone has made you aware of how great your life could be if only you would do this. So, you investigate this, and like what you see.  You proceed by opening up a Litecoin cryptocurrency account online at  Coinbase or and contacting the person who referred you.

Next, to participate you'll fund your account by buying 3.5 Litecoin.  Don't worry. You've got this. You earned enough to cover the cost of 3.5 Litecoin in the Easy 1 Up portion of the program.

At this point, all you have done is made an investment in yourself, an investment in something which will change your life forever, in a most positive way! You will be introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies, how you can end all your worries over money, and how you no longer have to worry about being scammed by someone pitching crypto opportunities.

Today, the cost of 1 Litecoin is $266.70. You'll see what this means for you at the bottom of this page. 

Even if the price of Litecoin fell all the way to $25 per coin you would still earn some nice income in this program:  $25 x 1,400 coins each month equals $35,000 in extra income per month!

When entering the program after initially joining the Easy 1 Up program participants enter in Phase 3 by purchasing 3.5 Litecoin.  

So you, after accumulating the necessary funds through Easy 1 Up or otherwise, sign up, contact the person who referred you,  & send your trading partner, the person who referred your sponsor, 3 Litecoin as a thank you gift.

NOTE: This will move very fast because the potential return is so enormous!

This Month: You introduce others to this site and sign up 5 people to this low-cost opportunity, who each sends you 3 Litecoin, giving you 15 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.

Your 2nd Month:  You send your sponsor 12 Litecoin and enter Phase 4.

Each of your 5 people signs up 5 people - giving each of them 5 people in their networks, and 15 Litecoin in their wallets.

Each of the 5 people in your network is now sending you 12 Litecoin to enter Phase 4.

You now have 60 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.

Your 3rd Month: You send your sponsor 58 Litecoin and enter Phase 5.

Each of your 5 partners has received their 60 Litecoin & enters Phase 5 by sending you 58 Litecoin.

You Have 290 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.  Cash equivalent of $77,343 (5 x $15,468.60) But you're here to grow your money, not here to take your money & run.  So, We'll put this $77,000 to work for us, right?

Your 4th Month: You send your sponsor 280 Litecoin and enter Phase 6.   

Each of your 5 partners has received their 290 Litecoin & enter Phase 6 by sending you 280 Litecoin.

You Have 1,400 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet, received from your 5 partners.  The cash equivalent of $373,380.00 

1,400 Litecoin x $266.70 (the current cost of each Litecoin) is the equivalent of $373,380 in your wallet! 

You wouldn't be too upset if it took you 12 months to accumulate this kind of money, would you?

My friend, we have barely scratched the surface! (we haven't discussed Bitcoin yet)


Remember, everyone starts in this program by joining

Easy 1 Up and advances to this cryptocurrency opportunity.

Contact the person who referred you here to get started.

Please, know this: As you contemplate this life-changing decision, realize that this opportunity, like life itself, is what you choose to make it, for this is just that; an opportunity. An opportunity to better your life.

As constructed it is not everyone's idea of perfection, but perfect enough for everyone to take what's here and change their lives dramatically.

Nothing is going to magically happen for you here. You will still have to put forth the required work, and as you do you will come to realize that the work here is not the hard laborious work required in many endeavors to earn a living and prosper today.

Today everyone everywhere is trying to get more money, and your job here is simply to spread the word and share this opp with a few close associates who you would like to take with you into a whole new lifestyle. Talking to others is about the easiest work one can do, don't you agree? It is what we do naturally, every day! 

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