Let Him With Eyes See, Him With Ears, Hear!

If You're Already perfect, with no covid type illness, Why Would You Let Someone Frighten You Into Thinking That You Need To Let Someone Experiment on You, And You Can't Do Anything If Their Experiment Harms You, or Kills You? Do You Even Know or Trust Their True Motives? 

Think about it: If someone was for you, and trying to keep evil out of the world, why would they create something evil and then turn around and create its so-called cure? Are they really trying to heal you, or kill you? 

I remember how crazy it sounded years ago when I heard that there was an agenda to kill off 2/3rds of the world's population, that there was not enough food, water, and other essentials. The elites wanted to eliminate the "useless eaters". Now I'm not so sure. That plan all of sudden doesn't sound so far-fetched after all, especially when you see so many willing to drink the tea.

What do hundreds of thousands of well-paid doctors, nurses,  policemen, and military personnel who are close to the scenes of what's going on know that the everyday ordinary people who only get their info from the media don't know? 

Who can you trust? Everyone who's on tv talking about this are being paid to be on tv and say what they're saying, whether for or against. Divide & conquer. This is a worldwide agenda. Many of the people who are supporting this agenda without knowing it is an agenda are dying in their sleep and from heart attacks. 

In order to inflate the numbers and make this thing seem like it was worse than it was when people were dying from ordinary things, the hospitals were calling it Covid. They were looking for every death they could find to call it Covid. CNN was running death numbers across their screens all day to frighten people, getting them prepared to run to the so-called vaccine. 

Think, before it's too late. Whatever this is everybody is not getting it. Don't let someone frighten you into injecting something into you that could very well harm and even kill you. You're already perfect!

Vaccine Injury News

Robert Malone,  Inventor of mRNA Covid-19 Technology. This is the man who created the technology that allows others to create the virus and vaccines. He is speaking out against what's going on:



Obvious Attempt To Hide The Truth

Why is there an attempt to silence those who speak truth:

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Question: Do you trust the media to tell you the truth? Do you think that half of them even know or care to know the truth?