A BIG HELLO to you, my new financial partner and teammate: 

Thank you, and welcome to the team. This is a very easy opportunity to upscale our lives. After reading the previous pages on this website you would probably come away thinking that this is strictly a network marketing program. However, we are here to tell you it's not.  No, this is NOT a network marketing program in the traditional sense. With this you can build a network, and that is probably the only way you will obtain massive success with this.

You will only earn income on the people you refer, but there are no limits on the number of people you can refer. The people you refer will return to you as many as 6 times to provide you with additional funding, each time in higher cryptocurrency amounts

There are NO LIMITS on the number of people you can refer, and you are free to build your network in whatever way you choose.   Everyone you refer will be 1st line to you, so that every person you refer will be trading with you.  

The profit potential is very high, and everyone can afford the less than $50 startup fee. And everyone who are serious about having their own business should be able to find at least 5 customers (people who are looking for more money.) It is so much easier to work as a team and find 5 people in today's economic climate.

Also, in this program, everyone has to paper track their own network, keep a list of your partners. This shouldn't be hard to do.  

Yes, while this website is on the internet, this is not an internet marketing program.  To achieve massive success and move through all 6 phases quickly you must be willing to talk to others about this.  Is that too much of a price to pay to change your life?

80% of the people who try to promote money-making opportunities by sending emails and social marketing i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. fail miserably. This is a phenomenal opportunity. It shouldn't be too hard to find 5 people who are looking for more money in this economy.

Please don't hesitate to complete the steps below so that you can get off to a fast start. 

To make sure that you succeed and take your life to a higher level, regardless of what anyone else does, don't hesitate to take it upon yourself to build your team yourself. While this is such a low-cost affordable opportunity for everyone, it is the winners in life who go beyond the call of duty to succeed, win, and come out ahead!

The amount of Litecoin you'll send to your Trading partner to enter each phase:

To enter Phase 1 You'll send 0.15 Litecoin to your partner.

To enter Phase 2 You'll send 0.70 Litecoin to your partner.

To enter Phase 3 You'll send 3 Litecoin to your partner.

For Phase 4 You'll send 12 Litecoin to your partner.

For Phase 5 You'll send 58 Litecoin to your partner.

For Phase 6 You'll send 280 Litecoin to your partner.


Please don't hesitate to complete the steps below so that you can get off to a fast start. 

Your Benefits For Joining Us:

1.) Claim your $167 in Free crypto when you open your account with Coinbase.

2.) Get your Free Cryptoversity 3 Part video series on the world of Cryptocurrencies by clicking here.

3.) Get your Free Complete HOW-TO-START Guide on Buying Bitcoin and Owning Cryptocurrency. Click here. 

4.) Information obtained here on the greatest opportunity ever devised for changing your life!


🎯 Your 7 Steps to Changing Your Life: 🎯

hh1.  First, open a Coinbase or Litecoin-card.com account, & make an approximate $40 purchase of Litecoin, enough to cover the cost of 0.18 of Litecoin.

 This gives you enough to buy into Phase 1 & a little extra for fees) 

2. Contact the person who referred you. He/she will be your sponsor.  Your sponsor will be your Upline Trading Partner, and the person who receives your Litecoin donations.   

3. Now you'll need a Litecoin Wallet:

You can open a cryptocurrency account at Litecoin-card.com to get your wallet.  Also at Coinbase.com

You can also set up a Litecoin Wallet (Exodus) for your Desktop PC Or your Smartphone to receive donations from your partners.  Your partners will send Litecoin donations to your wallet's address.

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4. Refer at least 5 people to this wonderful platform and work with them in duplicating your efforts.  Duplicate and succeed! 

What You Should Do Before or Shortly After Buying Any Sizable Amount of Crypto

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Again, thank you for joining us in this mission for wealth. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to your sponsor. In any event, we'll be in touch with you to make sure that you succeed massively with this.


Your trusted teammate, always!

The Financial Rescue Squad


Important Note:  Be sure to contact the person who referred you to this program as we are anxious and excited about giving you the assistance you need in succeeding with this opportunity.