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It can be this simple:

  1. Today, right now, sign up for a cryptocurrency account at Coinbase.com
  2. Fund your account with a $20.00 Litecoin purchase. (This is all the money you'll spend in this program)
  3. Contact the person who referred you here.
  4. Buy a 0.18 share of the cryptocurrency Litecoin at Coinbase and send 0.15 of it to your sponsor.
  5. Bless 5 people you know by sharing this website with them. These are your initial 5 partners.
  6. Help each of your 5 partners in getting 5 partners.  

Those 5 partners - who are only spending $20 in this program to change their lives - are all you need to put an EXTRA $40,000 in your pockets within the next 3 months, and then just as much each month afterward. 


Today, the cost of 1 Litecoin is $138.75. You'll see what this means for you at the bottom of this page. 

Even if the price of Litecoin fell all the way to $25 per coin you would still earn some decent money in this program:  $25 x 1400 coins equals a $35,000 potential monthly income!

Entry into the program requires an initial 0.18 Litecoin purchase (less than $20) requirement at Coinbase.com.  

So, today you act with a sense of urgency and...  sign up, contact the person who referred you,  & send him/her 0.15 of  Litecoin as a thank you gift.

NOTE: This will move very fast because it only requires approximately $20 to participate, and the potential return is so enormous!

This Week:  You introduce others to this site and sign up 5 people to this low-cost opportunity, who each sends you 0.15 Litecoin, giving you 0.75 Litecoin in your Coinbase Litecoin wallet.

Your 2nd Week:  You send your sponsor 0.70 Litecoin and enter Phase 2.

Each of your 5 people signs up 5 people - giving each of the 5 people in their network, and 0.75 Litecoin in their wallets.

Each of the 5 people in your network is now sending you 0.70 Litecoin to enter Phase 2.

You now have 3.5 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.

Your 3rd Week: You send your sponsor 3 Litecoin and enter Phase 3.

Each of your 5 partners has received their 3.5 Litecoin & enters Phase 2 by sending you 3 Litecoin.

You Have 15 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.  Cash equivalent of $2,070.00 (5 x $414) But you're here to grow your money, not here to take your money & run.  So, We'll put this $2,000 to work for us, right?

Your 4th Week: You send your sponsor 12 Litecoin and enter Phase 4.   

Each of your 5 partners has received their 2.25 Litecoin & enter Phase 4 by sending you 12 Litecoin.

You Have 60 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.  The cash equivalent of $8,280.00 within 5 weeks! (sense of urgency - $20 decision)

Your 5th Week: You send your sponsor 58 Litecoin and enter Phase 5.

Each of the 5 partners 1n your network has received their 60 Litecoin & enter Phase 5 by sending you 58 Litecoin.   

You Have 290 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet, received from your 5 partners.  The cash equivalent of $40,020.00 

Your 6th Week: You send your sponsor 280 Litecoin and enter Phase 6.

Each of the 5 partners in your network has received their 290 Litecoin & enter Phase 6 by sending you 280 Litecoin.   

You Have 1,400 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet, received from your 5 partners.  The cash equivalent of $194,250.00 

1,400 Litecoin x $138.75 (the current cost of each Litecoin) is the equivalent of $194,700.00 in your wallet! 

You wouldn't be too upset if it took you 6 months to grow $20 into this kind of money, would you?

 "Trust me, you will realize that this is by far the easiest thing you can do to raise your standard of living & get the wealth you're worthy of!"

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Since early February of 2020, I've been staring at the ticker above and watching how the cryptocurrency prices have been fluctuating.  I had been thinking of how much better my life could be only if I owned a sizable number of some of those cryptos, and were able to receive a sizable number of them each month. Choosing the right ones could amount to an income of $10,000 to $50,000 per month easily!

One crypto I was looking at was Litecoin. Before Covid-19 hit it was trading at $82 per coin. A short time later it fell to $25 per coin. The bottom fell out of everything, as the whole economy collapsed. Litecoin was the number 3 crypto at the time, behind Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Somehow when looking at the Covid-19 situation I was looking at a blessing in disguise.

Something was telling me Litecoin was special, and it was the perfect coin to capitalize on. So, by focusing on Litecoin the vision was imparted onto me which led to the creation of a phenomenal strategy that will allow anyone to drastically change their financial situation and claim the wealth & abundance they were meant to have.

Today, just 1 year & 4 months later, I am pleased to say that Litecoin has climbed back and to over $300 at times, way beyond where it was in February of 2020.  But the most exciting news is that regardless of where Litecoin is trading at I have formulated a very profitable income opportunity that can have nearly anyone's income at more than $25k each month just by trading Litecoin with a few of their associates.

This is a VERY SIMPLE & EASY opportunity! The average person will probably never have another opportunity to make this kind of money again in their lives.  There is absolutely nothing hard about this when trading with your associates through this unique team concept. No learning curve, no weeks and months spent trying to learn to read charts and trade in the conventional manner.  What law is there that says you can't buy a small amount of crypto and give it away? This program will make you RICH!


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