Looking For A Way To Seriously Upscale Your Life...

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An 8-Figure Dream Lifestyle Is Checking For 


The information you're about to encounter describes how you'll soon be making money and earning a living. You'll have no other choice. The jobs are gone. The government & the mainstream media outlets have let you down, and now you're stuck. Right now It may not be what you want to do, but you'll soon come to realize that this is the blessing of a lifetime. 

If what we're witnessing right now in our country,  the mass unemployment, covid-19, government upheaval and all,  is not telling us we need to band together and work together and help each other right now, nothing will.  There has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to stand and shout: "One For All, and All For One."

Did you know that before the vast majority of us were being distracted by politics and everything else we are being bombarded with, every day on average, 1,700 people were becoming millionaires every day in this country before Covid-19 struck? Yes, and even today, while the government has everyone locked down and waiting to see if we're going to get another $1,200 check, many, many people are still making some very good money every day in this country. 

Did you also know...    there is a way for you to make money and meet all of your financial needs and more without having to depend on the government or a job. While congress and the Senate are playing around with the money and people's lives we don't have to settle for that anymore. There's total abundance in this universe and we can now blow past the current income levels we're living at in this world. How much money would it take for you to vastly multiply your current monthly income and live at a whole new level?

If you're worried & thinking your best days are gone or you missed out on a golden opportunity, relax, for a major blessing is upon you! That major blessing is CRYPTOCURRENCIES, namely BITCOIN & LITECOIN! After converting a small sum of cash into the cryptocurrency Litecoin, participants will grow their crypto into tens of thousands of dollars via the trading of Litecoin with their fellow participants, or partners.  This is highly possible, regardless of where the price of Litecoin stands. After that, we will advance to trading Bitcoin, the king of all cryptos.

FIRST of all, I know your time is valuable so I'll get right to the point:  If I could show you a way to dramatically upscale your life by increasing your MONTHLY income to more than $100k within the next few months would you be interested?

If what you're now viewing looks different to you from all the other income opportunities you're used to seeing it is because this is different.  This is not some well-polished million-dollar promotion with 5 minutes of information designed to quickly separate you from your money.  This is an enormous income opportunity that can dramatically change people's lives,  and we feel that anyone who is truly serious about changing their economic status would love to devote the time it takes to grasp this in exchange for the years and decades it'll take to earn this kind of money working for someone else.  This is not for people with short attention spans who are quickly running from one opportunity to another and never getting anywhere.

There are no slick videos trying to sell you something you don't have the money for.  Just facts. In this program you will receive digital assets, cryptocurrencies, that you will convert to US dollars. You will literally participate in the creation of money, your own unlimited supply of money. 

This is a secret simple, basic trading strategy which is being quietly implemented by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to enrich themselves and eliminate their worries over money. This program is comprised of a very simple direct marketing strategy, which has 6 phases to it. This is NOT network marketing, but it is a PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE strategy. This is NOT a company! There is no company here to fail on you, and take your money and run. This is all about people seeing the vast potential here and joining with a few associates and helping each other in rising above the challenges we're all faced with today. It is a very simple marketing strategy that you'll run with your associates.

Of more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies on the market today we have decided to market only two in our program:  Litecoin and Bitcoin. We start with Litecoin, and after earning so much money trading Litecoin we move up and start trading Bitcoin.  There are 6 phases in this program and participants can easily go through all 6 phases within 6 to 8 weeks.  Within those 6 - 8 weeks and 6 phases one can earn a massive sum of money with as little as 5 partners.   

Participants will begin this new life-changing venture by referring a few partners who join by setting up their own cryptocurrency accounts and buying and sending a small percentage of Litecoin to the person who referred them. 

There's One With Your Name On It!

Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies 12 years ago the groundwork for a new digital age is being laid worldwide,  and our economies are being converted to digital. Our currency (money) will be digital, and massive prosperity and abundance will be everywhere. The people who are aware have been quietly enriching themselves beyond measure.

Here is how you'll make more than 100k within the next 3 months and MUCH more each month afterward, without leaving your house! Participants can get started with as little as $40.,  a sum small enough to make this life-changing opportunity affordable to everyone: 

Today: Someone has made you aware of how great your life could be if only you would do this. So, you investigate this, and like what you see.  You proceed and open up a cryptocurrency account online at Coinbase.com and contact the person who referred you.

Next, to participate you'll fund your account by buying 0.23 Litecoin (less than $40).  At this point, all you have done is switched a small percentage of one currency to another.  (A few dollars to Litecoin).  You have made an investment in yourself, an investment in something which will change your life forever, in a most positive way! You will be introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies, how you can end all your worries over money, and how you no longer have to worry about being scammed by someone pitching crypto opportunities.

Today, the cost of 1 Litecoin is $181.75. You'll see what this means for you at the bottom of this page. 

Even if the price of Litecoin fell all the way to $25 per coin you would still make a killing with this simple strategy:  $25 x 1,000 coins each month equals a $25,000 per month income!

Entry into the program requires an initial 0.23 Litecoin purchase (less than $40) requirement at Coinbase.com.  

So, today you act with a sense of urgency and...  sign up, contact the person who referred you,  & send him/her,  (your trading partner,  0.18 of your Litecoin as a thank you gift.

NOTE: This will move very fast because it only requires approx. $40 to participate, and the potential return is so enormous!

This Week: You introduce others to this site and sign up 5 people who see the potential in this low-cost opportunity.

You have now earned enough Litecoin to advance to Phase 2 & that's what you do: Advance to Phase 2.

Your 2nd Week: Your 5 sign up 5 people, giving each of them enough Litecoin to Advance to Phase 2 & that's what they do: advance to Phase 2.

In this program you only need 5 people moving with you through all 6 phases to change your life in a very huge way.  This is almost like having 5 customers who keep coming to your store to buy your more expensive products as they become affordable to them.

Each of your partners entering Phase 2 is sending you 0.8 Litecoin.

With 5 partners you now have 4 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet, enough to enter Phase 3, so at this point you enter Phase 3

You enter Phase 3 by sending 3 Litecoin to your upline partner.

Your 3rd Week: Each of your 5 partners has received their 4 Litecoin & enter Phase 3 by sending you 3 Litecoin.

You now have 15 new Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.  Cash equivalent of $2,726.25 (15 x $181.75) But you're here to grow your money, not here to take your money & run.  So, We'll put this $2,726.25 to work for us, right?

You enter Phase 4 by sending 13 Litecoin to your upline partner. (your sponsor.)

Your 4th Week: Each of the 5 partners has received their 15 Litecoin & enter Phase 4 by sending you 13 Litecoin.

You now have 65 new Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet.  Cash equivalent of $11,813.75   

You enter Phase 5 by sending 60 Litecoin to your upline partner.

Your 5th Week: Each of your 5 partners has received their 65 Litecoin & enter Phase 4 by sending you 60 Litecoin.   

You now have 300 new Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet, received from your 5 partners.  Cash equivalent of $54,525

You enter Phase 6 by sending 200 Litecoin to your upline partner.

Your 6th Week: Each of your 5 partners has received their 300 Litecoin & enter Phase 6 by sending you 200 Litecoin.   

You have just received 1,000 Litecoin in your Litecoin wallet, received from your 5 partners.    

1,000 Litecoin x $181.75  (the current cost of each Litecoin) is the equivalent of $181,750.00 in your wallet! 

All Within 8 Weeks & With Only 5 Trading Partners!

You wouldn't be too upset if it took you 6, even 12 months to grow $40 into this kind of money, would you?

My friend, we have barely scratched the surface!

(we haven't discussed Bitcoin yet)

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NOTE: This is a very simple program. it will cost approx. $40 to do this.  A dog with a note tied to its tail could find 5 people in these economic times who are willing to invest $40 for the opportunity to participate in something with such enormous earnings potential.