Hey Michelle,

I didn't know how to say some things to you that I for some reason feel I need to say, so something came to me and told me that maybe this is the best way:

From day 1 I've felt like things were being said to you about me. I've felt this because of the way you look at me; like someone were whispering something about me. Miss Anne (Cheryl) told me that you all knew each other, I think she said from another job. And whenever you would see me you had this look like maybe she had said something and you were studying me, like trying to see if I were crazy or something.

I was kind of thrown off balance by it. There was things going on on the 6th floor that I was trying to figure out. I'm asking Mabel where is Miss Anne, and she's not telling me anything. The people in the offices up there were locking their doors all of a sudden, and then I come to find out from the people up there that someone is stealing checks or check information and writing checks.

I have been working here 3 years, the people in that office about 2 years, and those particular offices were never being locked before, so I'm kind of curious, like I think anybody in my shoes would be. I don't want to be around anybody who may be thinking that I'm a thief, when I'm not. You already know how white people feel about us blacks.

So, one of the guys told me what was going on, and asked me if anybody was missing from our crew. I told him Miss Anne was, which he already knew. He just gave me a look, and that told me who it was. Hell, I knew it wasn't me. I just didn't know WHAT was going on.

But before I found out and still trying to find out what was going on I was talking to one of the girls in an office and she asked me if anyone were dusting off their desks. When we first started Mabel told us that was a part of the job, to wipe off desks and dust. I told her that was my partner's job to do, even though I knew that Miss Anne wasn't doing it. At the time I had no idea that she was probably thinking that whoever was dusting was the one who was stealing checks. (they were leaving checks all out in the open on their desks.)

Mabel was up there and walked into the office as we were talking and heard me telling the girl 'our supervisor (Mabel, who was up there taking Miss Anne's place) would be doing it. (because that's what she always did when taking the place of whatever partner I had that quit.) Keep in mind that by now the damage has already been done, before Mabel took Miss Anne's place. They already have the thief, and she's fired. They already know who she is, so Mabel can't be a suspect, right? 

Mabel somehow chose to think that because I told her Mabel would be dusting I threw her under the bus, (her words) as if I'm telling the girl that maybe Mabel could be a suspect. How did I throw her under the bus when they already had the thief?

Then Mabel wants to be mad at me she say because the girl barely acknowledges her. Hell, how do she think I feel. The girl still locks her door, and I'm the one who has to be in there every day, around people who is thinking what they think about black people.

I don't know what story you've been told, but as you can see, there are always 2 sides to every story. 

About my car: Whoever told you that was my mother's car and for whatever reason tied to that I can't be at work by 6 don't know what the fuck they're talking about. For one my mother is 83 years old and so there's no job or any other place she's at or has to be at every day that would keep me from having access to her car at 5;30 or 5;45 or 6 even.

But bottom line the car I used to drive in here every day was hers. It was a lease on a 2018 Sentra. Her lease ended in March of this year. I took out the lease on the one I'm driving, a 2021 Sentra in March. I pay the note every month on that.

I'm a Audi man myself. A very ambitious one at that! My last 4 cars have been Audi's. Click here:  My last one an A8.  Those are my nieces in the video. I have had cars since I was 18 years old. Some very nice ones too; 1st one; a Pontiac Grandville, 2nd one: a caddy, 3rd one: an Olds Cutlass. After that 2 more Cadillacs, and 4 Audi's.





Anybody who knows me knows that I have always had nice cars, but right now I'm in the midst of taking 1 step back in order to take 2 steps forward. I somehow get the feeling that whoever told you that I was driving my mother's car said it in a way that was trying to belittle me.  It's a shame that someone who is barely scraping by cleaning office buildings would try to devalue someone because he's driving his mother's car, especially when they don't know that person's whole story.

I was let go from my last job in early 2018, primarily because my new supervisor couldn't stand that I was driving an Audi to work every day.  At that time I decided to sell my Audi instead of trying to keep it running. I drew unemployment and started working here in late 2018, driving my mother's car. I also decided to really focus on my entrepreneurial pursuits. One of my websites is here: Systematical Wealth Systems. 

After being let go in 2018 I decided it was finally time to let go of trying to be out front with the cars and that phony lifestyle and really concentrate on building something. I started with my Systematicalwealthsystems.net website, (My Pinterest page) and then this latest one. This one would have launched last year but everything was thrown off and delayed because of Covid 19. That shut everything down for everybody.  I started drawing my retirement in February so that's how I'm able to lease that car. People looking at me from the outside don't have a clue about me or what I'm doing. I'm not that average ninja seen on the streets with no hope.

This latest project is one I've been working on since Nov. of 2019:  Click here for what used to be the home page.  I could get in here every day by 6 if I wasn't working on my sites. Every inch of that site is me, Every word. The placement of everything you see. The design. Everything, BUT I must give thanks to the man upstairs, for it is not I, but the Father within, who doeth thy works. 

The latest version of the program:  CLICK HERE!

The black man's version: Click Here! with video I created

I don't know why I'm giving you this peek into my life but I feel that I have to let somebody know that there's more to me than what is being shown at the moment. I can't stand this taking 1 step back to take 2 steps forward stuff. I'm ready to explode. I'm used to being out there in Berea, on Front Street. (LOL) 

Back in 1989 and 90 I had an office out here in Beachwood, right across the street, at 23811 Chagrin. I had put together a program similar to my New Age Money systems program. This was before the internet. I had a magazine subscription agency, selling national publications like Jet, Time, Ebony, Sports Illustrated, and hundreds more. I had over 800 distributors all across the country, with a group out in the state of Washington doing most of my sales, by holding meetings at Hotels out there, and then sending me checks some weeks of more than $3,500 from the meetings they were holding.

It was a money-making program like New Age Money. I caught the entrepreneurial bug when doing that. I was a one-man operation, 31 years old. I sold it to the group that was doing most of the sales and regretted it. I have basically been trying to start another one ever since.  It is so much harder to make a go of these kinds of programs today because of the Internet and there are so many of them out here now. 

Well, enough of me. If you're selling anything and have a need for a website let me know.